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Countdown to the 2019 International CAE Conference and Exhibition

The Exhibition

After 35 years as a value-added vehicle reserved for the participants in the International CAE Conference, 2019 sees the CAE Exhibition launch as an independent industry and technology trade show, hosted within Vicenza Convention Centre’s extensive exhibition facilities, to accommodate the requests of the wider engineering and industrial community.

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The Conference

The 2019 CAE Conference will illustrate how and where engineering simulation, already pervasive in design and production processes and in the use of products themselves, is inextricably linked to the other Industry 4.0 technologies. One could even say that Engineering Simulation’s role is central to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

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Digital transformation is key to future success.

Digital transformation is rapidly becoming essential for any company, regardless of its sector, activity or size, although the implementations may differ depending on the context and the expansive choices. Uncertainties – and sometimes misinformation – abound in relation to approach, strategy, timing and methods of implementation: delays can be costly in terms of loss of market share, but on the other hand, selecting an inadequate solution can equally lead to waste, negatively impacting processes, and resulting in missed objectives and creating mistrust.

Industry 4.0 can be considered the project of digital transformation. It is constituted by nine enabling technologies: advanced manufacturing solutions (autonomous robots), additive manufacturing, augmented reality (AR), horizontal and vertical system integration, (engineering) simulation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cybersecurity, the cloud, big data and analytics, any or all of which may form part of a company’s digital transformation. While these technologies are normally presented as the satellites of Industry 4.0, there are fundamental inter-relationships between them which are the key to any effective and balanced digital transformation suits its context and that can improve as technology, knowledge and capability improves.

In manufacturing, the Smart Factory is the ultimate expression of digital transformation: created using new production technologies that enable collaboration between suppliers, customers, operators, machines and tools, it has adequate IT infrastructures and uses sustainable energy. Effective, balanced digital transformation allows a company to improve as technology, knowledge and capability improves and suits its context.

European spending on technologies and services that enable the digital transformation (DX) of business practices, products, and organizations is forecast to reach $378.2 billion in 2022, according to the International Data Corporation* (IDC). In its Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, the global provider of market intelligence and advisory services reports that the top DX spending priority for European manufacturers is smart manufacturing, which will see an investment of more than $27.6 billion in 2019 along with significant investments in digital innovation ($8.8 billion) and digital supply chain optimization ($5.5 billion).

* www.idc.com


Vicenza Convention Centre
@Fiera di Vicenza

Via dell’Oreficeria 16 | 36100 Vicenza | ITALY


International CAE Conference and Exhibition Venue

The "city of Palladio"

Universally known as the “City of Palladio”, Vicenza one of the most ancient cities in Veneto – strategically located in an area within a host of possibilities when it comes to culture, natural beauty, productive resources and wine and food culture, as well as small towns just waiting to be discovered.

This ‘picture perfect’  city is a real jewel to those visitors walk through the old town centre: they will discover a wealth of art which has inspired famous writers such as Goethe, Camus, Fogazzaro, and Goffredo Parise. The Piazza dei Signori is an obligatory stop with its Basilica Palladiana and Loggia del Capitaniato; while the Teatro Olimpico, the Rotonda and the Basilica di Monte Berico should also not be missed.

Vicenza has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

For more information:
www.comune.vicenza.it | www.vicenzae.org


Vicenza Convention Bureau will support the participants to the International CAE Conference and Exhibition for hotel reservation.

Click on this link to book a room at discounted rates in 3 and 4 stars hotels nearby the venue or in the city centre: www.vicenzabooking.com (please enter the dates of your stay to check the rooms availability in the accommodation facilities - enter the code CAE_CONFERENCE to access the reserved rates and proceed directly with the reservation).

Vicenza Convention Bureau can also provide tourist services, such as airport private chaffeur transfers or any logistic information, as well as tourist information to get the chance to visit Vicenza, UNESCO World Heritage, and enjoy local food and wine.

For further information please contact Vicenza Convention Bureau:
email: info@vicenzabooking.com



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