Designing a component from a Critical Raw Materials Perspective

Tuesday 29 October 2019   9:30 - 12:30 | 14:00 - 17:30   Training course - Language: English

DERMAP is an international in-field training course on materials selection with particular reference to eco-design and critical raw materials (CRMs) issues. CRMs are those raw materials that are economically and strategically important to the European economy but that have a high risk associated with their supply. Used in environmental technologies, consumer electronics, health, steelmaking, defense, space exploration, and aviation, these materials are not only ‘critical’ for key industrial sectors and future applications, but also for the sustainable functioning of the European economy. In this scenario, ‘mitigating actions’ need to be taken to reduce the critical issues related to the use of these raw materials. Recycling and substitution (when possible) are strategic solutions, but a more efficient use of CRMs in design, obtained through the correct selection of alloys, has become mandatory today. A method for selecting metal alloys from a CRMs perspective will be taught. The proposed method allows the alloy that minimizes both the environmental impact and its criticality to be selected for the application being considered. The method will be illustrated with examples.

Target Audience: The course is aimed at designers, mechanical engineers and professionals who want to address the new challenges related to sustainability and CRMs.

This Course forms part of the outcomes of the European "DEsign of components in a critical RAw materials Perspective, DERMAP" Project, and is supported by EIT Raw Materials®.
The project partners are the University of Padova, SWEREA SWEECAST AB, Mondragon University, AGH University, EURECAT, EnginSoft, Fonderie Zanardi, Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya, and Consorzio SPRING.

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