38th   International CAE Conference

2022, November 16-18

ESTECO best practice


Discovering new tools to enhance the effectiveness & efficiency of your modeFRONTIER usage

17 November | 15.00 - 17.00

Online symposium

Attendance: free, upon registration

Language: English

Speakers: Novella Saccenti, EnginSoft | Gianni Michele De Gaetanis, EnginSoft

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The modeFRONTIER usability is continuously enhanced. In the last years, two new tools have been added that can allow the user to improve the pre-processing (workflow building up) and post-processing (data management & analysis) phases.

Discover them with the dedicated Best Practice sessions.


Discover how to empower the synergy of your Python utilities with modeFRONTIER
Novella Saccenti, EnginSoft

In this best practice session, it will be presented the pyCONSOLE, a tool useful to manage and arrange data contained in modeFRONTIER Design Space (DS). It is a powerful tool enabling the direct integration of the DS with Python in order to allow the use of customer scripts to export data from modeFRONTIER and to import data from Python. The best practice will report several examples regarding the loading and use of design table in Python interpreter, the creation of new DOE and Design Tables and the importing and exporting of data through CSV or text files.
Furthermore, it will be shown the creation of several charts by pyCONSOLE and dedicated modules. The console will be also presented as tool to manage Response Surfaces both from *.rsm file and DS. At the end of this best practice, the attendees will be aware of the possibilities and procedures to develop routines and scripts for the data management by exploiting the modeFRONTIER tools and features with the Python flexibility.

Discover the ‘once for all’ integration with myNODE
Gianni Michele De Gaetanis, EnginSoft

The capability to speed up the building up of modeFRONTIER workflows is a key factor in enabling a user to proceed as quickly as possible to the high-level studies it enables. As already known, the "direct nodes" available in modeFRONTIER support this feature. Addtionally the "not direct" integration permits to couple whatever third-party software by means of a dedicated batch procedure. Sometimes, this second approach can result bound to the particular model to be integrated, so its updating could be required for other cases.
The myNODE tool tackles this integration limit since it allows the development of a “customized Direct Node”, accomplishing a “once for all” flexible coupling.
In this best practice session, the myNODE tool will be shown, explaining how a “direct” node can be created for the final customer in order to integrate its own software. For this purpose, practical integration examples will be discussed.

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