The 34th INTERNATIONAL CAE CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION will be held in Vicenza, Italy on 8th and 9th October 2018


The role of Engineering Simulation in Industry 4.0

Engineering simulation has an important role to play as the world intently begins embracing the Industry 4.0 evolution. Not only can simulation assist strategically with the entire product design process and the related manufacturing and production processes, but it can also drill right down into the operations level, following the product throughout its entire useful life. Engineering simulation can enable companies to:

  • perform predictive maintenance;
  • explore new product uses:
  • develop product variations or responsive product designs;
  • analyse and better understand life-time performance or wear-and-tear using real-world data; or
  • study potential malfunctions and weak points by simulating product interaction with real-world environments, based on sensor feedback.

These findings and discoveries can be fed back into the design process for the entire product lifecycle, to optimise product design, performance, maintenance, redundancy and eventual mortality.

Digital twins: Allowing business to explore the possibilities while developing effective responses to the challenges of Industry 4.0

One of simulation’s biggest contributions is to the growing trend of using digital twins in product engineering. A digital twin is a virtual model (often actually a meta-model) that accurately replicates a physical asset, service or process and allows it to be manipulated to explore the impacts and effects of different variables and dynamics. International research firm Gartner, named digital twins as one of its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends in both 2017 and 2018. Digital twins allow companies to explore the implications of this new frontier of business (where the merger of physical products with digital and communications technologies is successively transforming not only the global engineering industry, but business as we’ve known it), and to develop effective responses to the various and demanding conditions and challenges it represents. It takes “what-if” planning and strategizing into this new dimension.

Revealing unseen and unexpected potentialities hidden in products, systems and processes

This year’s CAE Conference will deeply explore how Engineering Simulation is evolving to embrace and even progress the different technologies that are contributing to the development of Industry 4.0. A key advantage of Engineering Simulation is its ability to reveal the unseen and unexpected potentialities of product engineering and of the product manufacturing process. These potentials can then be developed and exploited to lower costs, improve productivity, optimise resources, to enhance existing products and services, and to identify possible new products, services and even markets.

The International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2018

Building on an enviable 34-year track record of commanding attention and stimulating debate about the state of the art and the potential of Engineering Simulation, this year’s conference offers a richer, more substantial and more tightly integrated ecosystem than ever. The programme includes:

  • Conference sessions with a variety of tracks both for industry sectors and about enabling technologies;
  • The exhibition, where Industry 4.0 technology providers – including IoT, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, robotics, system engineering, cyber security, embedded software, and the like – will showcase their products, providing tangible evidence of the evolution of product engineering;
  • Side events that will feature contributions from the world of mathematics, robotics, material science, high performance computing and more, and which will set new industry targets based on the needs expressed by various industry associations;
  • The Research Agorà that offers a representative sample of the major on-going European research projects in the field;
  • The Best Poster Award which testifies to the visionary understanding of the new generation of engineers and scientists spanning new fields and also supports the discussion around how education should help this evolution.

All in all, the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2018 will offer the most intense and concentrated forum for all the stakeholders that can benefit from the Engineering Simulation world.

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Research Agorà



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The papers of the past edition are available free of charge for download.

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Vicenza, Italy | 6 - 7 November 2017

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The papers of the past edition are available free of charge for download.

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Parma, Italy | 17, 18 October 2016

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The "City of Palladio"

Universally known as the “City of Palladio”, Vicenza is one of the most ancient cities in Veneto – strategically located in an area with a host of possibilities when it comes to culture, natural beauty, productive resources and wine and food culture, as well as small towns just waiting to be discovered.

This ‘picture perfect’ city is a real jewel for  visitors: walk through the old town centre to discover a wealth of art which has inspired famous writers such as Goethe, Camus, Fogazzaro, and Goffredo Parise. The Piazza dei Signori is an obligatory sight-seeing stop with its Basilica Palladiana and the Loggia del Capitaniato; while the Teatro Olimpico, the Rotonda and the Basilica di Monte Berico should also not be missed.

Vicenza has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

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