International CAE Conference 2015

Pacengo del Garda (VR), Italy
October 19 - 20


Your opportunity to be part of the future!



The event

The International CAE Conference 2015 will be held in Pacengo del Garda (Verona, Italy) on October 19th and 20th.

This influential, annual flagship for Simulation based Engineering and Sciences is a seminal event for all sector stakeholders covering industry, academia, research and software vendors. For over two days delegates will participate in an enriching environment within which to experience current and new technological challenges, to network and share experiences with their peers and to explore new business scenarios. In a nutshell the International CAE Conference is the ideal event and venue to discuss the increasing relevance of ‘simulation based engineering and sciences’ and your opportunity to be part of the future.

The symbol of the International CAE Conference 2015 is the Nautilus, a marine dweller and living fossil from the Triassic Period. Unchanged for millions of years the Nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral. It also personifies the ‘golden mean’ or the desirable middle between two extremes of ancient Greek philosophers’. Also represented by the letter ‘Phi’, to the Greek mentality the golden mean was an attribute of beauty.

The ancients believed there was a close association in mathematics between beauty (symmetry, proportion and harmony) and truth, which feeds directly into our modern world as a parallelism with numerical simulation. The expanding industrial world requires more and more numerical simulation as an instrument to forge that rigorous path towards innovation. This is why to symbolize the International CAE Conference 2015 we have chosen Nautilus, a timeless form of beauty visualizing a geometrically harmonic sequence that can serve as a lesson in procedure for both our economic future and a model for life itself.

Venue: Hotel Parchi del Garda

The biggest conference centre in the Verona province and Lake Garda area

Hotel Parchi del Garda is Lake Garda and Verona's most exclusive hotel and congress centre.

Thanks to its large, modern and functional spaces, as well as its ideal location, it is the perfect venue to accommodate such event. The new 4 star hotel is situated between Peschiera del Garda and Lazise, just 900 meters from the lake's shore. Built in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, it is designed to resemble a typical Garda town. Hotel Parchi del Garda has 5 interconnecting pavilions with 218 elegant rooms and 15 exclusive suites.

The International CAE Conference exhibition area will be the highlight of our congress centre in the free-standing theatre hall Benacus. It has total dimensions of 870 sqm., natural light, a production room, two spacious back stages, and direct access to our garage. The two twin meeting rooms Riva and Rocca are next to each other and have the same dimensions. They both can accommodate a theatre of upto130 people. The Arilica hall is the perfect compromise between space and functionality with the ability to accommodate from 150 up to 315 people. All rooms offer the ideal setting for the various sessions and workshops for the International CAE Conference. All delegates, speakers and exhibitors will be welcomed at the  Gardesana hall at   Hotel Parchi del Garda providing an atmosphere for mixing business with pleasure.

Hotel Parchi del Garda
di Benacus Spa

Via Brusà 37017 località Pacengo
Lazise (Verona)
Tel. +39 045 6499611


How to reach Pacengo del Garda

Located between the towns of Peschiera del Garda and Lazise, just 900 metres from the shores of the lake, Hotel Parchi del Garda enjoys a strategic location at the junction of the two major north-south, east-west main roads.

By Car: Thanks to the A4 motorway, there are only 5 km from Peschiera del Garda, or via the A22, we are just 13 km from the Affi.

By Train: The hotel is less than 4 km from the station of Peschiera del Garda train station.

By Air: The Convention Center and meeting hotels Parks del Garda is only 15 km from Verona Valerio Catullo Airport.


Come arrivare a Pacengo del Garda

Situato tra i Comuni di Peschiera del Garda e Lazise, a soli 900 metri dalle rive del Lago, l'Hotel Parchi del Garda gode di una location strategica al centro delle due grandi linee nord-sud, est-ovest.

In auto: l'Hotel si trova a 5 km dall'uscita di Peschiera del Garda - Autostrada A4
e a 13 km dall'uscita di Affi - Autostrada A22

In treno: l'Hotel si trova a circa 4 km dalla Stazione di Peschiera del Garda - linea ferroviaria Milano/Venezia

In aereo: il Centro Congressi è a soli 15 km dall'aeroporto "Valerio Catullo" di Verona Villafranca


The 2014 edition

The 2014 edition of the annual flagship event on Simulation based Engineering and Sciences has been held in Pacengo del Garda (Verona, Italy) on October 27th and 28th.

As engineering simulation technologies are becoming ubiquitous in industrial applications, their integration is increasingly becoming more relevant for achieving true product and process innovation. The International CAE Conference represents the main event in Italy, and is one of the most relevant in Europe on the design and production process in the industry. It is a key event for all the stakeholders of the sector from the industry, academia and research as well for the software vendors.

The 2014 edition of the conference has featured multiple parallel sessions on a variety of industrial verticals, including aerospace, energy, transportation, material processing, consumer goods, civil engineering & construction, biomechanics and high performance computing. In addition, several CAE-oriented complementary events including round table discussions and workshops have completed the 360 degree offering of the conference. A significant part of the Conference was the exhibition area. This is indeed the ideal event to share one's own experience, meet CAE technology providers and hardware producers, technical press, members of associations and/or scientific bodies and committees, who are often interested in new partnerships to perform complex, in-depth investigations and analysis.

The International CAE Conference is a two days event offering an enriching environment to meet and share past and present experiences, challenges and to explore new business scenarios. In a nutshell: the ideal venue to discuss the endless applications of "simulation based engineering and sciences".

Your opportunity to be part of the future!


Celebrating Anniversary

From 1984 to 2014.

The computer-aided engineering technologies are the answer and the way for innovation, boost the economy and make better our future.


Nearly one thousand participants


Speakers and 15 thematic sessions

A lively and interested audience, prestigious speakers who presented the last achievements of their research, the state of the art of simulation technologies, the future trends and the expected impacts in the industrial world.


Sponsors around the world

Great success of the area exhibitors and for the enterprises that participated in the event as a sponsor


1984 – 2014: thirty years ago, the FUTURE begins here ...

27th – 28th October 2014, Lazise (Hotel Parchi del Garda Congress Centre)

Also this year the International CAE Conference has been characterized by eminent guests.

Confindustria President, Giorgio Squinzi, has declared: "New computer-aided technologies have been acknowledged as essential for the creation of new processes and products and for this reason the European Commission is strongly focused on companies development. In such a scenario, companies have to play the fundamental role of key partners in research activities, thus stimulating innovation development and achieving Europe targets. Innovation is also an Italian priority and Confindustria is requesting the central government to foster the creation of favorable and suitable conditions for innovation and competitiveness".

Stefano Odorizzi – CEO, Scientific Committee President of the International CAE Conference – has underlined the importance of Computer Aided Engineering simulation and innovation as a strategic tool for competitiveness for any company in any sector.

Key-note speakers: the record man Francesco Moser, who gained the cycling hour record in Mexico City thirty years ago using an innovative bicycle for that time, equipped with lenticular wheels and adopting an elegant posture in the Pininfarina wind gallery; Matteo Trentin (Omega Pharma – QuickStep) the promising Italian cyclist. They represented two generations of sportsmen that have allowed to rediscover the main innovations that have characterized the bicycle evolution and the simulation applied to cycling in general.

Industrial production, energy, aerospace enterprises, medical sciences, catastrophe management: how much could our future and the quality of our daily life improve? Computer aided-engineering technologies represent both the answer and the way in which companies can move toward innovation and economic regain for our Country.

This edition has been characterized by the presence of eminent scientists, researchers, managers and engineers coming from all over the world and presenting the results achievements of some important research projects, as for instance:

Professor Michael Gasik - Aalto University, Helsinki (Finland) could demonstrate his scientific and biomedical theories during the International CAE Conference performing a live experiment. Gasik is renowned for his work finalized at exploiting the hydrogen available in the space, which represents the propellant for next generation of propulsion and will allow space exploration without constraints related to carrying fuel from Earth.
Kenneth Ruud, University of Tromsø – Norway has focused his lecture on the recent discovery of huge deposits of natural resources located in the Northern See. Italy and Norway, thanks to the collaboration of their respective Ministries of Industry and Productive Activities, are finalizing techniques and innovative tools devoted to the exploitation of the resources available in the Arctic region with the minimum environmental impact possible.
Carlo Sborchia, division director of ITER project and distinguished Italian scientist, has presented the actual status of the ambitious European Project for energy production by nuclear fusion. The plant under construction in Cadarache – Southern France – is financed by the European Commission and involves scientists and engineers from all over the world.
This project is the European counterpart to an American one, similar in terms of investments and potential innovation in clean energy production, which aims at producing energy using solar light concentration by means of glasses and deflectors.
Jérôme Lasvenes - Airbus France – has dedicated his speak to the techniques currently in use on the modern A380, the biggest airplane ever built, able to transport 853 passengers, aimed at minimizing risks and guaranteeing maximum safety to passengers.
Francesco Iorio has talked about Expò 2015 and the avant-garde constructing techniques, adopted to build the pavilions that will host next year's event.
As far as medical sciences is concerned, the session was opened by Davide Valtorta (Switzerland) presenting his work finalized at preventing heat diseases and in particular aortic valve deformations. Inmaculada Leyva – University of Madrid – has explained the results achieved by her research group, analyzing the complex structure of the brain neural system in its different morphologic and functional areas.

The International CAE Conference has been always acknowledged as a reference event by all stakeholders of academic, industrial and research world, as well as by the developers of simulation software solutions, since they have become indispensable tools in all those processes related to innovation, design and production in any field: medical sciences, aerospace, energy, transportation, material manufacturing, consumer goods, civil engineering and construction, biomechanics, high performance computing and many more.

The poster Award session

The poster Award session has been confirmed also this year to support young creativeness: this prize specifically addressed to university and PhD students has awarded the 5 best works (voted among the 38 finalists) selected from over 200 poster submitted to the Scientific Committee.

Exhibiting Area:

As every year, the exhibiting area has been the reference point for the main hardware producers on the global market. Just to mention some of them: IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and specialists of High Performance Computing, not so famous to the wide audience but well-known to sector experts.

3D printers were pretty much appreciated together with the Application Engineers available to provide information and to present potential evolutions for the nearest future. Lavazza is worth mentioning since it created "Isspresso" in collaboration with the International Space Agency: the machine developed with specific criteria and features suitable to dispense coffee also in the most extreme conditions as those characterizing the space, in absence of gravity and considering fluid-dynamics laws totally different from those ruling on Earth. Isspresso will be brought to the International Space Station by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in November.

The installation dedicated to cycling counted a lot of visitors:

The bicycles of the recent past and next future, including the famous ones with lenticular wheels used by Francesco Moser to gain his records. The lenticular wheel was introduced for the first time exactly in 1984 by Francesco Moser in the occasion of the hour record and by the Italian Cycling National representative at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, winning also the Gold medal in the 100Km.

Electric and hybrid propulsion bicycles

The bicycle of Matteo Trentin, the promising Italian cyclist , used to win the last lap of the Tour de France

Hi-Tech ultra-light components made of composite materials, light alloys and/or using innovative design and simulation techniques

Last but not least, two automobile prototypes have been presented by the University of Padova and by the Politecnico of Torino, used during international race competitions among universities.

International CAE Conference


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